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Any Disaster

Water damage happens without any warning. Water is particularly invasive, rapidly finding its way throughout your residential or commercial property and spreading into costly structural components such as floorings, drywalls, furniture, and more. Serious damage strikes fast and property water damage restoration needs to be done swiftly and intensively. When water is introduced into a property due to a leak, flood, or after fire suppression, minutes and hours count. The water restoration experts you choose must be prepared to have fast response whenever needed. 

Water Leak or Flood Damage?

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Why? Faster

Why Rapid Response is Essential?

Within minutes:

Water rapidly makes its way through walls, floors, and furniture, and saturates everything in its path throughout your property. Your upholstery might get permanently damaged or stained. Your personal belongings such as documents, and books start to warp and swell.

Rapid drying is equivalent to less loss. The damage to costly structural components such as flooring, carpets, walls, and insulation gets exponentially larger with time. An instant and effective remediation strategy with the help of water damage experts, particular techniques, and appropriate equipment can help reduce the costs to much less than replacing a damaged building structural component or restoring it to pre-loss condition. 

In the first 24 hours:

Within hours of the initial water introduction, toxic mold growth begins and a musty odor appears. Other secondary damages such as swollen structural members like drywall, warped floorings and damage to furniture start happening. Metal begins to rust and corrode. In case of a sewage backup or outdoor flooding, harmful bacteria and other contaminants are introduced to the property and start to thrive rapidly. 
Preventing secondary damage is time-critical. The sooner remediation begins, the lower the losses.

In one week:

Mold and mildew growth increase and spread exponentially and there will be high risk for dangerous biohazard contamination. Swollen furniture surfaces show signs of mold growth. The main structural components like frames, windows, wood flooring and studs swell and warp. Paint or wallpapers start to blister. Wood flooring swells and warps.

After the first week:

The time and cost of restoration process rise dramatically since removing and replacing affected materials and structural components can be extremely extensive. The risk associated with structural failure, mold growth, and biohazard containments increases. 

The longer you wait to seek help from professionals, the slower and more costly the remediation process will be. A water damage is a high-stress event for building residents. They want to know when the damage will be remediated so life and business can be returned to the normal pre-loss conditions. On the other hand, insurance claims cannot be settled until the restoration process is completed and the property is inspected.


So executing a prompt, effective remediation strategy with professional personnel and techniques equals faster completion of drying process and subsequently, policyholders getting compensated as soon as possible.

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