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Your business can be greatly affected or even interrupted when a mold problem arises. Other than the major negative impacts on the financial side of your business, it can also pose a serious health risk to yourself, your employees, or any person exposed to mold in your commercial property. Call our mold remediation department at Evolo Restoration and avoid any unnecessary interruption to your operations. 

Mold Contamination?

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24 Hours Commercial Mold Remediation

  • We offer rapid response to any mold contamination problem. 

  • We inspect the affected areas, trace down the source of the growth, come up with a mold remediation plan and provide you with an estimate as quick as possible. 

  • Our IICRC certified mold specialist use specific techniques and equipment to effectively remediate the mold problem so that you return to your business operations quickly. 

  • To make sure mold remediation process is required for your commercial property, we ask a third-party accredited analytical laboratory who conducts an air-quality test, to take samples from your property. After the samples are analyzed, the laboratory generates a report stating the type and amount of mold, if present. This is a valid report can also be used for real estate and legal purposes. 

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