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Offensive odors can be the result of various problems both inside and outside a property. The damage from a home fire incident, flood and other water events, mold contamination issues, sewage backup and biological sources can all produce a particularly odd or strong smell. 

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Odor Removal

24 Hours Odor Removal Services

Masking or using an air freshener is not an effective solution for severe or persistent odor problems.

The odor removal specialists at Evolo Restoration are fully certified by IICRC and equipped to inspect and successfully eliminate offensive and strong odors.

Here, at Evolo Restoration, we use combination of advanced techniques (Sometimes, couple of different treatments are required during the odor elimination process) and industrial grade equipment to eliminate odor entirely from your residential or commercial property. Below are couple of the tools we utilize in order to perfectly execute a perfect odor removal plan:

  • Air Scrubber

    • A portable filtration system that effectively clean the air by sucking in the air and filtering out volatile organic compounds (VOCs), impurities, mold spores, odors, and pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

  • Ozone Generator/Machine

    • A device that produces ozone gas as an air purifier.

  • Ultra - Low Volume Fogger

    • A device that is designed to use great volumes of air at low pressures producing small droplets that can be penetrated to various surfaces.

  • Thermal foggers

    • They are used for rapid odor reduction in large areas, and fogging moisture sensitive surfaces (clothing, paper, wood furniture, books, etc.).

Sometimes identifying and eliminating strong and persistent smells can be very challenging. In many cases using only one method for mitigation is not sufficient. That is why we thoroughly inspect and access the property, explain all details to our customers every step of the way, successfully and effectively remove the odor, and purify the air so that our customer can enjoy a fresh start.

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