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Is your home safe for your animal friends after a loss?

After a loss, the last thing on your list to be worried about is whether or not your home is still safe for your animal friend. Remember that, in general, the best thing to do is to remove all animals from the affected area of your property. In case property evacuation is required, search for places such as pet-friendly hotels, or take them to a friend or relative’s home. You can also get help from local veterinary clinics, animal shelters or boarding facilities.

Pets left behind in a disaster can get lost, malnourished, physically hurt or experience anxiety or stress. Do not forget about your pet after experiencing a property loss:

1. The first step in dealing with pets during a property loss is to remove and keep your pets away from the affected property until the completion of restoration process. Potentially unsafe environment and contamination caused by a fire or water damage can be a threat for their health and safety. Also pets on the job site during the mitigation process make working difficult for technicians and cause further spread of germs and contaminants. Keep your pets away from dangerous areas such as flooded basements and potential hazards for example downed power lines.

2. Be aware of the restoration equipment on site and the way it can pose a danger to your pet's health and stability. If there are dehumidifiers running in the home after a water damage, ensure all pets have access to sufficient amount of water since dehumidifier’s job is to dry and heat the air. Fans and other drying equipment can make very loud noise and that can be harmful for your pets and cause them anxiety.

3. Contact your insurance agent or broker and understand your coverage for charges associated with pet care in the event of a property damage or emergency. This insurance coverage vary vastly from one insurance company to another insurance company. Sadly, most policies offer no coverage for veterinary visits and bills or the death of a pet. However, they might cover the costs associated with necessary arrangements for removing the pet from the property during the restoration process or the extra cost of a pet friendly hotel.

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