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Step 4.

Water removal and extraction are not usually enough to remove all the moisture from your property after a water damage. Almost all building materials, such as lumber, drywall, and flooring materials (for instance, hardwood, and vinyl) are porous hence retain moisture. The retained water can lead to material break down, distortion, or mold damage. We use specific equipment to eliminate the remaining moisture that is harder to access or hidden.


Water Leak or Flood Damage?

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Drying and Dehumidification

24 Hours Drying and Dehumidification

  • Drying Process:

Our water damage technicians take various measurements such as temperature reading, and relative humidity percentage to come up with the necessary number of equipment (high velocity air-movers and dehumidifiers) required to completely remove moisture from your residential or commercial property. Our professionals at Evolo Restoration with the help of moisture meters, will observe the progression until the building materials return to acceptable pre-loss condition.


  • Use of Drying Equipment: 

Secondary water damage of floors, walls, and furniture can be prevented by the use of industrial-grade dehumidifiers.
High-speed air movers generate airflow across the spaces speeding up the moisture elimination.

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