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Step 2.

When responding to an emergency caused by water, we start with a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property.

Our professionals try to determine the scope of the damage inspecting and testing with proper equipment in order to develop an appropriate plan of action and to ensure proper and complete restoration.


Water Leak or Flood Damage?

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Inspection & Assessment

24 Hours Inspection and Assessment

  • Finding the Water Source and Stopping it: Before any restoration or drying process starts, we need to find and stop the source of moisture in your property in order to achieve impeccable results.

  •  Identify and Categorize the Water Type: To make sure our experts restore your property based on industry guidelines, we will classify the category of water damage first. Contamination level of the water will help us determine the specific restoration processes we use. There are 3 categories:


  • Determine Extent of the Water Damage:  

We inspect to determine the extent of water damage and how far the moisture has travelled to ensure proper and complete restoration.

  • Inspect for Safety:

We will check for safety concerns that might exist. Please bring any safety issues to our attention, such as asbestos or lead

  • Moving/Blocking Furniture or other Contents:

Furniture and other property contents need to be moved or blocked to prevent any damage to the furniture.

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