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There are different types of water damages that can happen in your residential property. Water damages can occur due to a burst pipe, a natural disaster, cracks in the foundation, and roof leaks. To better understand the restoration services that is needed and a general estimate for the costs of repair, identifying and categorizing the type of water damage you are dealing with is essential. 

Water Leak or Flood Damage?

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Types of Water

Various Types of Water Damage

  • “Clean” Water 

Type of water in this damage category poses no health threats if consumed or exposed to because it is uncontaminated from its source. Leaky bath tubs, cracked kitchen sink pipes or burst pipes cause this type of water damage. It is very important to note that “clean” water damage, if it is not treated rapidly and effectively, leads to mold and bacterial growth as a result of excess moisture and stagnant water. This type of water may not remain “clean” if it is in contact with other materials or surfaces. 

  • Gray Water

This type of water damage can be the result of dirty water coming from broken dishwasher, washing machines or sump pump failures. It is contaminated, unclean and contains bacteria that can pose a health hazard, If exposed to or consumed. 

  • Black Water

The most hazardous type of water damage, this water is extremely contaminated at the source and if exposed to or consumed can lead to serious illnesses. The water damage in this category is from sewage or flood water from lakes, rivers or oceans. It contains a high percentage of harmful bacteria, fungi and feces and it is seriously hazardous and contains contaminants. Only a professional and certified water damage restoration company must handle the damages and destruction created must by this water category. 


Our water damage specialists at Evolo Restoration arrive on site within 30 minutes for all emergencies and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We handle all types of residential of and commercial water damages no matter what the size of the damage is. We can get your property to where it was before the loss as soon as possible.

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